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In weekly sessions, we’ll focus on many areas of life: grief, anger, frustration, depression, identity, resentments, relationship problems, sexuality, sexual identity/orientation, everyday stress, communication skills, parenting, lack of motivation, job dissatisfaction, fears, anxiety and dissatisfaction with life, to name a few.

Change happens by means of: healing the past, trying on new beliefs, owning your story, learning to communicate, increasing self-esteem, developing social skills, creating healthy boundaries, healing from break-ups, choosing healthy relationships, practicing vulnerability, co-parent team building, discovering your passions, reinventing yourself, choosing satisfying careers, discovering who you are, knowing your value and worth and living from a place of: I Am Enough.

Cancellation Policy


  • $150 for 50 minute sessions/

  • $220 for any session over that up to 110 minute session


  • $220 - initial 80 minute session

  • $150 - 2nd session (solo with one partner)

  • $150 - 3rd session (solo with the other partner)

  • $220 - 4th Session (80-min) with both partners together

At present, I do not accept insurance. However, I will happily issue superbills for submission to your out of network insurance, payments towards your deductable. I accept HSA cards for payment.

I accept cash, check and all major credit cards (including HSA) as forms of payment.

If you are unable to attend a session, please make sure you cancel at least 48-hours beforehand. Otherwise, you will be charged for the full rate of the session.

I provide HIPAA-compliant ZOOM telehealth services for regularly scheduled therapy or for moments you need a session, but are unable to come in person (eg. illness/vacation). Please let me know if you wish to change your in-person services to ZOOM.


Reach out today for a 15-minute free phone consultation!

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1250 2nd Street

Suite C

Brentwood, CA 94513




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